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Software Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions provide users access to our extensive support features. This is a highly cost effective way to maximize the investment in Hypertherm software and help your business become more productive.

This annual subscription entitles you to unlimited training, technical support, software updates, and more, which will ensure that you are using your software efficiently.

Software Subscriptions Include:


Access to personal one-on-one training via the internet (requires a broadband internet connection). These training sessions are a great way to get up and running quickly and efficiently. Existing customers may use it to re-train their staff, brush up on features, or train new employees.


Hypertherm software is backed by an excellent team of experienced and patient individuals who are ready to help you. Receive unlimited technical support via telephone, fax, email, and online sessions. Additional online support is also provided via the Hypertherm Software Online Knowledge Base featuring product downloads, FAQs, articles, tutorials, and more.


Receive software maintenance updates, with detailed descriptions of bug fixes, typically released every two to three months. In addition, receive minor version updates with new features and enhancements, scheduled for release every twelve months.


Receive major version upgrades with detailed descriptions of new features and enhancements. These new product versions are scheduled for release every two years.

Beta Community

Participation in the beta community is also open to subscribers, providing early access to the latest product features and the ability to share feedback that can influence future software releases.

Pricing and Availability:

Software Subscriptions for Hypertherm software products are priced based on a small percentage of the current list price of the software owned. Subscription commences upon receipt of order.

Coverage Period:

The Software Subscription covers a period of 12 months. As a subscriber, customers have access to all software releases made available during this time period.


Customers are notified when their Software Subscription is expiring before the 12-month period has elapsed. Maintaining uninterrupted Software Subscription allows customers to continue receiving all Subscription benefits.

Please contact one of our associates or a Hypertherm representative for more information


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