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Supported Applications

Standard Features

  • Machine support
    • All major brands/manufacturers/models
    • Stand-alone units and cutting table add-ons
  • Part creation and development
    • Create round or rectangular tube parts with parametric input
    • Standard tube sizes and schedule pipe parameters (including wall thickness, corner radius, etc.) are provided for common materials, or input your own custom sizes
    • 3D model of tube is updated in real time as you work, can be freely moved and rotated
      • 2D layout view is also available
    • Branches can be added to define interiors using standard or custom tube sizes
      • Set branch intersection type: front outer, front inner, pass-through
      • New main tubes can be created from existing branches
    • Cutouts can be added to define interiors, including layout arrays in rectangular and polar orientation
      • Select cutouts from a list of commonly used parametric shapes
    • Support for a variety of end cuts
      • Straight
      • Miter
      • Pipe intersection
    • Edit lead-in/out position and properties
    • Control cut direction and cut sequencing on a part-by-part basis
  • CAD/CAM import and conversion
    • Import DXF files to use as cutouts, allowing interiors of virtually any shape
    • Import DXF text for cutting
    • STEP file import for 3D CAD
  • SureCut™ technology and built-in process parameters
    • True Hole® technology capable
    • Automated job set up on the EDGE® CNCs
    • Material type, thickness and class-based process parameters:
      • Separations for cutout and pierce spacing
      • Kerf compensation and feedrate
      • Lead-in/out
      • Cutting techniques
    • Cut sequencing - automatic or manual
    • Automatic tabbing / micro-joints
    • Ability to cut without rotation
  • Reporting
    • Report containing detailed job information and 3D part graphics
    • Export report directly to PDF
  • Output
    • Advanced post-processor, for perpendicular cutting, with NC output
    • Scribe support
    • DXF output

Optional Modules

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