SureCut™ Technology

Hypertherm’s CAD/CAM software products are designed to operate seamlessly with all major cutting machines on the market today. Yet, by combining ProNest with select Hypertherm hardware, many of our customers are achieving better results than ever before.

Introducing Hypertherm’s SureCut technology, where Hypertherm software, computer numerical controllers (CNCs), torch height controls (THCs), and plasma systems work together seamlessly to get the most out of your cutting operation. It is like having your best operator equipped with the latest technology on every shift.

ProNest supports Hypertherm SureCut technologies including:

True Hole® technology

A patent pending process that provides dramatic improvement in hole quality that outperforms anything previously possible with plasma. MORE

Rapid Part™ technology

Designed to reduce cut-to-cut cycle time meaning you can achieve up to a 100% increase in the number of parts produced per hour. MORE

True Bevel™ technology

For mild steel, makes new part / job setup substantially faster than what has been previously possible using plasma, eliminating costly downtime by reducing trial and error during the setup process. MORE


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