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ERP Software Integration

Connecting ProNest to Third Party Software

Managers today are turning to software integration as a way to improve efficiency and increase productivity across the enterprise.

ProNest®, Hypertherm’s advanced CAD/CAM nesting software for automated cutting, can be integrated with virtually any third party software including ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MRP software (Manufacturing Resource Planning) systems.

With your nesting work connected to all other areas of your business, you’ll be able to eliminate manual and redundant tasks that exist in the workflow. Jobs will be managed, tracked, and combined more easily. And inventory will be better managed for faster turnover. All of which adds to your profitability.

Why ProNest?

If you have an ERP/MRP solution today, consider that advanced nesting software provides superior nesting performance and supports more advanced cutting techniques than standard nesting programs.

ProNest provides mechanized cutting users with a single solution for plasma, laser, waterjet, and oxyfuel. It is specifically designed to help fabricators and manufacturers increase material savings, boost productivity, lower operating costs, and improve part quality.

ProNest contains more built in process expertise than any other software, and allows you to leverage breakthrough cutting technologies like True Hole®, Rapid Part™, and True Bevel™.


Why ERP software?

If you have ProNest today, consider that a third party ERP/MRP solution can extend efficiencies more broadly across the organization than ProNest alone.

ERP software typically offers a broad range of solutions covering everything from manufacturing, to finance, to human resources, and more. MRP products are typically more specific to the needs of manufacturers or fabricators, and cover areas like quoting, inventory, work orders, and shipping.

ProNest integration is designed to be flexible, allowing you to choose the ERP/MRP solution that’s right for you – whether it’s best-in-class, budget friendly, or industry specific.


How to Integrate with ProNest

There are three optional modules available in ProNest that are used to enable and support ERP/MRP integration:

Data Sync
(Required for all integrations.)
Links ProNest to ERP/MRP software, providing the communication framework needed to exchange job information (parts and plates) in real time. Inside the ProNest part list and plate list, users may work with the data supplied from ERP/MRP, and then may return updated part and plate information to ERP/MRP. Data Sync provides plug-and-play integration and setup can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. (Some integrations may take longer, or require custom development work.)

Work Order Processing
(Recommended. Use as your primary work order processing solution, or to enhance existing ERP/MRP functionality.)

Allows for the exchange of all work order related information (in addition to parts and plates). All work order information may then be viewed and managed inside of ProNest, for the most efficient nesting. The ProNest Work Order Processing interface allows for sorting, grouping, combining, and tracking of all work order data, including change orders.

Plate Inventory
(Recommended. Use as your primary plate inventory solution, or to enhance existing ERP/MRP functionality.)

Maintains a database in ProNest to store, track, and utilize all of the plate information that has been imported from ERP/MRP. After job completion, remnants are stored for future use and all plate usage data is reported back to ERP/MRP.


Which ERP/MRP programs work with ProNest?

ProNest is designed to work with virtually any ERP/MRP program.

This flexibility allows you to choose the solution that’s right for you – whether it’s best-in-class, budget friendly, or industry specific.

Some example ProNest integrations include: Epicor®, Fab Suite™, Fab Trol®, Global Shop Solutions®, Oracle®, SAP®, Sage™, and Stru M.I.S.™ You can also review our Strategic Software Partners page for more information on select providers, or contact us to inquire about any specific ERP/MRP provider that you may be interested in.


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