Hypertherm announces Cincinnati Gold Partner designation for its ProNest CAD/CAM nesting software

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, today announced Cincinnati Gold Partner designation for its ProNest® CAD/CAM nesting software.

The Gold Partner designation offered by Cincinnati Inc., a build-to-order machine tool manufacturer, ensures metal fabricators enjoy optimal software outcomes when using ProNest to program Cincinnati’s laser cutting products. As part of the program, Cincinnati verifies partner software products and ensures smooth integration with the customer’s existing laser CNC equipment.

ProNest offers complete support for both CO2 and fiber laser cutting processes. Hypertherm works directly with Cincinnati to ensure seamless communication and the highest level of performance between software and machine. ProNest also offers a number of standard features and optional modules designed specifically with laser customers in mind. These include fly cutting, micro-joints, interior cut-up, collision avoidance, common line cutting, repositioning, and more.

“ProNest helps thousands of fabricators increase their material savings, boost productivity, lower operating costs, and improve part quality every single day,” says Derek Weston, Product Marketing Manager for Hypertherm CAD/CAM Software. “This new program makes it ever easier for Cincinnati customers to access the powerful features embedded in ProNest, from quoting, part design, reporting, inventory management, and real time ERP/MRP data exchange.”


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