About Hypertherm

50 years of cutting excellence

At Hypertherm, our sole focus is cutting. Every Associate—from our engineers to our manufacturing and service teams—is completely focused on providing our customers with the best cutting solutions in the industry. It’s a mission stretching back 50 years to our first industrial cutting patent. Today, our patent wall continues to expand as we innovate tirelessly to introduce new plasma, laser and waterjet technologies and services that will help you achieve optimal cutting outcomes that support your business objectives. So, whether you’re cutting precision parts in North America, constructing a pipeline in Norway, fabricating agricultural machinery in Brazil, gouging out welds in the mines of South Africa, or building a skyscraper in China, you can count on Hypertherm. No matter what you cut, where you cut, or how you cut, we are here to guide you toward the cutting solution that is right for you.

CAD/CAM software

Hypertherm maintains its CAD/CAM software development offices in Lockport, New York (USA). The development team was previously known as MTC Software – an independent software development company that has served the CNC sheet and plate processing industry since 1984. Today, as part of Hypertherm, the team continues to pursue its founding principles of innovative technology and thoughtful design that ensure ease of use, and outstanding customer support.

The CAD/CAM software product line features ProNest® nesting software for cutting applications including plasma, laser, oxyfuel, waterjet, and combination punch. The software provides a single solution for profile cutting needs by supporting all major brands of CNC sheet and plate cutting equipment utilized in today's manufacturing and fabricating businesses. These products are leading the way in advanced process knowledge, ease of use, technical support, and business system integration. As a result, customers around the world are finding improved product quality, increased productivity, and maximum profitability.

For more information about Hypertherm please visit the corporate website at www.hypertherm.com.


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