Cutting machine software for any application

It doesn’t matter what cut process, application, or machine brand you’re using, Hypertherm software has the solution. Our products offer:

  • Cutting expertise across plasma, laser, oxyfuel, waterjet, and combination punch
  • Custom setup for virtually any cutting machine brand
  • Additional support for secondary machine applications like reposition, bevel, rotary pipe, drill, and plate
  • Ability to consolidate all of your cutting needs to a single software solution


  • Plasma cutting software - high definition

    High definition / high current density plasma cutting (e.g. X‑Definition™) is a high-speed process that improves cut quality over conventional plasma.

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  • Plasma software - conventional

    Conventional air / oxygen plasma cutting (ex. Powermax®, HySpeed®) is widely used as an economical, high-speed cutting process for applications where the slight bevel edge generated by the process is acceptable.

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  • Laser cutting software

    Laser applications, whether it’s CO2 or fiber (ex. HyIntensity™) are chosen for their combination of high cutting speeds, process accuracy, and minimal secondary part clean-up.

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  • Burn software

    Oxyfuel (often referred to as a "burn table") is the oldest of the CNC cutting processes, but is still very common due to its ability to cut thick plate with a relatively low initial investment.

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  • Waterjet software

    Waterjet cutting offers users a great deal of process flexibility allowing any material to be cut over a range of thicknesses without any heat affected zone.

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  • Bevel Machine Software

    Bevel cutting makes it possible to add an angular side profile to a part cut on a CNC cutting machine.

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  • Drill Machine Software

    For users operating plasma or oxyfuel cutting machines that incorporate drilling, tapping and other spindle operations.

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  • Plate Machine Software

    For users of plate combination machines (ex. Peddinghaus FPB, FDB, and FPDB lines).

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  • Reposition Machine Software

    Reposition machines support combination punch (punch-plasma or punch-laser) in specific applications where bringing these processes together in a single machine offers superior productivity and part quality.

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  • Pipe Cutting Software

    Rotary pipe / tube cutting machines offer the ability to mount pipe and tube sections and cut profiles from the pipe or tube wall.

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  • HVAC Software

    HVAC design (for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) along with other industries such as kitchen, mechanical, and roofing, often involves sheet metal layout patterns for various parts including ductwork, fittings, supports, brackets, gussets, flanges, and more.

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